The key to a lucrative career in phone repair & sales.

Learn how to make a great income, with a business that you can start immediately after completing this course.

People are addicted to phones these days, and they often spend up to a $1000 on them. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to repair them.

So there is a lot of money to be made in fixing them – and even more to be made in refurbishing and reselling them.


What You Will Learn

Technical Skills

  • Taking the iPhone Apart
  • How to Perfectly Replace Broken Displays
  • Repairing the Front & Rear Cameras
  • Fitting New Speakers
  • How to Fix iPhones with Poor Batteries
  • Fixing iPhones with Broken Casing or Glass
  • Over 20 Unique Major Repair Jobs!

Business Skills

  • Setting up a Smartphone Repair Business
  • How to Start on a Small Budget
  • How to 5x Your Business By Scoring Contracts With Local Companies
  • Where to Buy Smartphones at Below Market Rates
  • Refurbishing & Selling Them at Over 100% Profit
  • Advertising the Refurbished Phones to Command the Highest Profit
  • Where to Get Parts at 50% Lower Prices

How Much Can You Make?

We base these numbers on the US market. But in your country it may be higher or lower.
These assumptions are based on the experiences of our previous students who were 1 year into their business after completing the Smartphone Repair Business Course.

Most students end up doing a blend of repair jobs as well as selling refurbished phones.

(Some of our students have scaled their businesses to multiple employees and therefore do higher revenue than the below assumptions.)

Avg. Repair Value: $90
Avg. Cost of Parts: $25
Avg. Repairs/Day: 6
Net Profit/Day: $390

Assuming 260 Working Days per year:
$101,400 / Annum

Avg. Buying Price: $400
Avg. Selling Price: $650
Avg. Cost of Parts: $50
Avg. Sales /Day: 4
Net Profit/Day: $390

Assuming 260 Working Days per year:
$208,000 / Annum

Reviews From Previous Students


    I started on this course after working 8 years in telesales and I needed to find a way to get out and start my own business.

    This course was a key point in setting up my iPhone flipping business.
    I came into it with very few technical skills, but within a couple of months I was able to complete most of the common repairs without watching tutorials.

    Further, the business model is completely laid out in an easy to follow way. It includes a lot of niche methods I’d never even thought of.
    Luis Morelos
    Dallas, Tx
    February 2020
  • I used to be a computer repair technician. I’m technically adept, so the repairs section wasn’t relevant to me.

    But the business section of this course is outstanding.
    It shows you exactly how to monetize this skill, and to use every niche and trick to maximise your profit.

    If I’d started my phone repair business without this, I’d be making half as much money.

    Robert Marks
    Melbourne, Au
    October 2019
  • This course is really specific. No bs, no verbose writing.

    It just lays out exactly what you have to do to turn phone repair into a succesful business.

    The section on obtaining corporate contracts alone has given me hundreds of thousands in business so far.

    If you are thinking of making a career out of this, don’t waste time looking around. Buy this course, dedicate a month to learning it and you’ll be on the right path.
    Anton Thompson
    Philadelphia, Pa
    January 2019

Why Should You Start Now?

Niche Skill
Right now, the skills and business tactics taught by our course aren’t widely known.
So now is the time to establish a dominance of your local/national market before the competition discovers it.

Scarcity = Higher Profit
Given the fact that this is currently a niche skill, you can earn double the wage of someone who does more common tech repair. But to enjoy this over-valuation, you have to take advantage of it now!

Prices Rising
A decade ago, people thought it ridiculous to spend more than a couple hundred dollars on a phone. Now, new models are coming out at $1200 and this will only increase.
This means two things for our students:
1. People will spend more on repairing their phone. 
2. People will spend a lot more on refurbished phones. 

Phones Being Kept For Longer
Given the higher price tags and better build qualities of today’s smartphones, people are no longer regarding phones as temporary commodities. 
Flagship phones from 2-3 years ago don’t depreciate like they used to, so can be sold refurbished at a high price.

What Makes This
Course Unique?

– The only course that teaches you how to start from a very small initial budget.

– We give you 3 unique methods to source phones cheaper than anywhere else.

-We teach you how to differentiate your product. There are a lot of competitors out there, but our experience has taught us how to stand out from the crowd.

– The course lays out exactly how to scale your business to create huge wealth from this business.

This course will teach you how to repair phones from:

and more


The Smartphone Repair Business Course


The course that teaches you everything you need to know to start a successful career in repairing, reselling and refurbishing smartphones.

We started developing this course in 2012 and since then 1500 students have applied these skils to their own business.
Newly updated and redeveloped for 2020.

Course +
Business Launch Kit



The Smartphone Repair Business Course

Full Business Set-up
(Launching your custom-made website,
setting up your advertising plans,
custom logo development,
and a personalised business plan.)

Course +
Business Launch Kit +
1-to-1 Coaching



The Smartphone Repair Business Course

Full Business Set-up

Personal Coaching
You will get a monthly video or phone consultation with us to guide you through starting and scaling your business for the first 3 months.